The Burning of the Zozobra at Santa Fé – 2010

When you have the change to visit New Mexico, apart from the stunning landscapes and petroglyphes, you should not miss the burning of the Zozobra. Filled with the gloom notes that you can put yourself in the gloom box. So you can loose your gloom and leave it behind in Santa Fé.

The story of Zozobra

In ancient books, the Zozobra is mentioned as the enemy of all that is good, the people of Santa Fe understand the spell of darkness and despair that Zozobra is deemed to have over the City.

So to get rid of the doom of this monster a number of volunteers of the local community are organising a yearly burning of the Zozobra.

During this event onlookers can put their gloom one a note (the gloom note) and hand it in to the organisation. So all gloom notes are put in the gloom box that is placed in site the Zozobra.

After a pagan ritual a number of dancers who are lead by a sort of priest, set the Zozobra on fire. So the Zozobra togehter with all gloom notes are burned and a fresh start of the new period is in view.

Get rid of your gloom in Santa Fé.

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