About Rob Klouth

During his entire life, Rob has taken a tremendous number of photographs. By creating this website he now has the possibility to share a number of these photographs with you. It is a privilege to be able to let you enjoy the landscapes, people and animals that Rob has encountered during his travels and in the Netherlands.

Rob Klouth

During his childhood Rob was inspired by his father to take up photography. First with a small Kodak box camera, after that with a Pentax K 1000 and now: a Canon EOS 5D SR. For Rob making photographs is his passion and it enables him to use his creativity. After his travels in China and Tibet in 2017, Peru in 2018, Shetland, Sikkim and Bhutan in 2019. In 2020 – although the Covid-19 outbreak – a travel to Tuscany was possible.  In 2021 a photo trip to Iceland (especially for the Northern Light) is planned and if possible a trip to rough outback of Norway will be done. Because this site is constantly updated, we advise you to regularly take a look to see whether something new has appeared.

Because Rob has interests in people, architecture and animals, you will find a sample of his pictures. The colourful world of animals, the love and gentleness of people create a nice balance. Enjoy!