The Market Hall in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Revisited – 2021

On regular times, I have to visit Rotterdam. As being born and raised in Amsterdam, that may sound a bit odd, but there is a definite reason for it. Rotterdam is a lively city full of energy and interesting sites and museums. Lately the Booymans van Beuningen Museum is refurbished, so a brand new depository had to be build. It turns out a spectacular building that was made of reflecting material. So it soon got the nickname “Spiegelei” that translates into Mirror egg… a typical example of Dutch humour. As the building as you can see reflects everything beautifully! Also there is the market hall: very nicely decorated with big flowers and fruits. Very colourful and you can rent an apartment in it as well!

Also the Rotterdam harbour is site that deserves a visit as thousands and thousands containers are shipped there each day and often transported into Europe. So you will find in Rotterdam a nice mix of cultural and trade!

An overview of images from Rotterdam.

The “Spiegelei” – translated into the Mirror-egg.
The construction of the Spiegelei.
The well known Rotterdam harbour – stunning views!
Rotterdam facilitates the building of modern architectural diamants!
The skies are often stunning in combination with the modern architecture.
The Market Hall