Amsterdam keeps renewing and surprising you – 2020

Mid January 2020 I took the opportunity to look at my own city: Amsterdam. Every time again I am surprised that the city keeps renewing itself and that new architecture is appearing at unexpected places. I want to share this with you as well as the very nice sun rises I observed from y bedroom: amazing colours you don’t expect in rural Amsterdam-Geuzenveld!

The red and the blue: unexpected colours in the Netherlands! However: you have to rise early so: the early bird gets the worm!

The red is really mind blowing!
Building is a common thing in an expending city like Amsterdam: be there or be square!
Cycling is a essential part of life in Amsterdam: so there are a lot of them everywhere: used and not used.
Public transport is very reliable in Amsterdam: a gift of a higher power!
Building and construction is a key industry in the Netherlands.