A visit to Zürich – 2019

After having enjoyed a very nice lunch at the Swiss Re restaurant with friends of Stecis, I enjoyed some days in Zürich to make pictures. Of course a visit to the Rietberg Museum is mandatory when visiting Zürich. Also the lake offers many views, at day, in the Blue hour but also at night and during the Golden hour. The city itself has a lot of interesting architecture like the Jugendstill buildings and some other remarkable views. I recommend a visit! So Enjoy the pictures and Zürich thank you for receiving me.

A stunning view over the Zürich Lake.

Zürich lake view during the Golden Hour.
Blue waterworks at night: Zürich lake view.
Zürich night view of the lake
In the Zürich Kunsthaus free guided tours are available…
Students are often studying the art in the Zürich Kunsthaus.
The autumn sun casts shadows of passers by in the afternoon in Zürich.
Municipal street art… creative indeed!
Meet my friends at the Rietberg Museum in Zürich