China – 2017

In the middle of 2017 I left with a group of travellers to Chengdu. This was the start of a one-month travel through Tibet and China. Chengdu is the home of the pandas, so that was our first target. Completely at ease they sat down eating bamboo shoots while being filmed and photographed. After that we took off for Tibet. We arrived at Lhasa the capital of Tibet; a big village with a number of very nice Buddhist temples. After that a roundtrip through Tibet. On our way we encountered a number of vast lakes (one is visible on our landing page). After Tibet on the train to China: that meant a long train trip: a couple of stops of one or two nights is smaller cities on the way to Beijing followed by Shanghai. Of lot of contrasts: the main land simple and modest: the big cities (20 million + inhabitants) state of the art and a lot of sky scrapers. The photographs show the inexplainable: a gorgeous land with a lot of mysteries.