A visit to Tuscany – 2020

In September 2020 I visited Tuscany again. A well known territory. I made a round trip starting at Florence and Fiesole. Nice view over the river and the Ponte Veccio. After my time in Florence I went to Lucca, a well preserved medieval town with nice view and towers. From Lucca to Volterra the town well known of its alabaster industry. After Volterra over to Siena with its famous Piazzo del Campo. From Siena to Carrara with its famous marble quarries: an impressive industry on its own. After that back to Florence for the last days of my stay. The hospitality of the Toscans was mind blowing. Especially the stay at the Bottega d’Arte of Corrado Lattanzi was something I will not forget easily. The excellent way Corrado treats his guests can be an example for the B&B industry in Tuscany. So enjoy the pictures and leave a comment!

An overview of images from Tuscany.

The Piazzo del Campo in Siena.
I bumped into a High Society wedding in Siena!
Florence is split up by the river Arno with the impressive Ponte Veccio.
A view on Florence cannot do without the impressive cathedral.
The colours are stunning: this green is almost offensive!
Lago di Tracimeno…
Lago di Tracimeno…
Carrara with its marble quarries – a world industry loved by sculptors all over the world.
The Skies over Tuscany are almost always stunning.
The old world is visible everywhere in Tuscany.
The “light dark challenge” is always there for a photographer…cl
In the river Arno, wildlife is still existing…
Carrara revisited.
The eagle overlooks Tuscany